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By Sun Fujia, IB Programme Class of 2022

(Admitted by Harvard University)

Three years ago, I decided that BNDS would be a school where I can explore all my possibilities. Before arriving, however, I didn’t think deeply about the major I wanted to study and the courses I wanted to take. In my sophomore year, I took courses in computer science, psychology, economics, physics, music, etc. A year later, when it was time for my IB course selection, I found myself torn between music class and physics class.

In the end, I chose music – a subject that I am truly passionate about. In music class, I met a small group of musicians and was constantly moved by the music they performed. I learned about music from different countries, and my two music teachers always managed to influence us with their love for music. In class, we sing “country road take me home” out loud, perform Ecuador’s Pasillo together, and sit together in a square, imitating the scene of learning to sing in church hundreds of years ago. We shared memorable times together, performing contemporary pop songs and getting together after each recital. There are only four IB students who had chosen music class, and we immensely enjoyed the joy that music brings to us.

My classmates in IB music class

In middle school, I had always regarded music simply as my “hobby,” and was busy with my daily studies. However, in BNDS, I had the opportunity to listen to my inner voice and meet other music-loving classmates. I am extremely grateful that I have chosen the path I am on now.

Speaking of possibilities, I love how BNDS is full of surprises. In my first year at BNDS, my roommate pulled me into a WeChat group called “Utopia” – an art club that encompasses over 100 students from all six grades. She showed me her paintings and told me that many artists would earn their pocket money through selling their art. I looked at the almost magical brushstrokes on the screen, and decided that I would love to take a shot at digital art! Thus, I downloaded the painting app on my mobile phone and started a painting journey that surprised everyone.

At school, I spent an enormous amount of my free time drawing. After months of practice, my originally scribbly lines turned smooth, and the colors started coming out right and clear. My painting skills improved day by day, and my love for painting increases as well. In my junior year of high school, I was lucky to be selected as the president of Utopia.

In Utopia, I experienced many “firsts”: first time organizing an offline sales event, first time arranging and drawing posters, first time aiding club members in polishing off their artworks, first time contacting manufacturers to make the final products…… Utopia is full of passionate members who have an enthusiastic love for painting. Their care for others, their ideas beyond my imaginations, their caring personalities, and their simply beautiful paintings make me feel extremely fortunate to befriend such an awesome group of students.

BNDS’s Red Window Festival and End of the Year Carnival were events that I had heard about before coming. However, it never occurred to me that I would be involved as a seller, selling products in Utopia’s stall. I definitely didn’t expect that we would sell our own drawn products on such festivals unique to BNDS. I, together with other members in Utopia, made posters, contacted manufacturers, learned drawing skills from skilled seniors, and made all kinds of cute and interesting acrylic keychains, badges, bags, clips... We were always at the top of the school’s sales list, and very proud that our works are liked by fellow students. Strolling on BNDS’s campus, you can even see the keychains that we drew hanging on students’ backpacks!


Red Window Festival

From the moment I downloaded the painting app in BNDS’s dorm, my high school life became inseparable from painting. I donate the money I and fellow club members earned to a dog rescue center, helping a group in society often neglected. On special days, I also acquired the hobby of drawing one-of-a-kind artworks and crafts for my friends and family, bringing happiness to people around me. Looking back, BNDS allowed me to excavate my artistic passions, and shaped me to be the person I am today.

Sunset at BNDS

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