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Annual School Musical of 2022——Fame the Musical

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About Fame the Musical

Fame the Musical follows the highs and lows of the final class of New York City's illustrious High School for the Performing Arts from their first year in 1980 to their graduation in 1984. It tells the story of several students, depicting their struggles, triumphs, and tempestuous relationships with sincerity and dramatic effect. We see their struggles with ambition, fame, and self-confidence through the eyes of students such as Carmen, the ambitious dancer obsessed with fame, serious actor Nick, overweight dancer Mabel, and the talented dancer Tyra, who struggles desperately with dyslexia. The show does not shy away from complex issues, such as racial prejudice, drug abuse, and sexual exploitation, as the young performers explore the realities of striving for a career in show business.

Memories from the Musical Team

It was our fortune to present our unique version of Fame the Musical. Based on the junior version, the BNDS musical of Fame had adopted scenes from the original show to enrich the plot. The production team had endured and overcame many difficulties throughout six months of preparation. This communal experience had taught each one of us the spirit of persistence, tolerance, and friendship, and we were glad to share them with the audience through our performances.

FAME has given me such a magical experience: standing on stage, putting on microphone, and presenting my character to the world...FAME is about youth and dreams, and it is wonderful how the story in the script perfectly resonates with our real experience here in high school. FAME has given me so many inspirations, not only as an amateur actress, but also as a growing teenager.
---- Dorothy Guo, playing the role of Shoshana

Hi, I'm Ariel. I was the protagonist in Legally Blonde and one of the leads in Fame. Having the honor to participate in two years of BNDS's annual musical, theater has not only became my love but also shaped who I am. Performing in BNDS is definitely one of the best things that you can imagine here.
---- Ariel Zhou, playing the role of Carmen


Musical attracted me by its magical power of cohesion. In the first rehearsal, we were too shy to interact with others; right before the performance, we seemed like actual students learning and reacting in P.A. The FAME family had accompanied me for the past half-year: we were laughing, crying, acting, dancing, and singing together. We shared our feelings and our life. I appreciate meeting with all the FAMERS, and I will never forget this journey.
---- Cassie Yang, playing the role of Tyra

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