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BNDS DI club was founded in 2016. Leaded by Mr. Douglas and managed by students, BNDS DI is a mature and developed club now. Every team has their special stories and unique growth experience. As this year’s student manager, it’s my pleasure to know and meet these team members. Now, let’s hear the story from BNDS DI 2021-2022 team D Mr. Mister!


Team up

When we first entered the big BNDS family, we were thrilled by the numerous activities we were able to join, but among them, DI stood out to us as a name that is a little bit mysterious yet intriguing and as a renowned non-academic club in an academically prestigious school. None of us have ever had any experience in DI, but we all wanted to try, therefore, we signed up for the interview. During the interview, we tried improv acting and instant challenge (building stuff using the materials given in a limited time). The interview was the first time that we ever experienced what it is like to be part of DI, and at that moment we fell in love with DI for it provides us a challenging yet comfortable space for us to use our imaginations and develop our creativity. Soon after the interview, we were officially recruited to the DI family and were told to choose a group. After consideration, we decided to be a group D member, henceforth, our journey as Mr. Mister has started.

Daily training

We have training every week, the IC on Monday, and the improv learning on Friday night. For the improv learning, we developed a routine and divided it into three parts: warm-up and short improv practice, the CC training. During the training time, everyone concentrates and then tries to come up with good ideas to use in the improvisation. We listened carefully to what others were saying during the discussion, focused our thoughts, and worked well together. Though we may fight to stand on our ideas, we cooperate most of the time. The teammates understand that they only want the story to be better and try their best. We're also an inclusive team, which is one of the reasons we're on our way to success.