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Growth Platform

Here at BNDS, learning and growth take place both inside and outside the classroom. In the process of participating in various activities such as art, sports, competitions, and clubs, students could actively think about the link between subject knowledge and the real world, meet like-minded partners, and continuously enhance their independent learning ability and creativity. They will influence the people and communities around them with their passion and love.

Art & Sports

In the various arts and sports activities (such as the annual musical, basketball dragon team, student innovative works exhibition, etc.), students experience the charm of aesthetics, sports, and creativity, and at the same time learn to cooperate and take responsibility, exercise leadership, and become a person with strong self-motivation.

Student Visual Art Exhibition

Sports Festival for teachers and students

Annual Musical “All shook up”

Ice Hockey Team

Winter Concert

Philharmonic Performance

Competition & Scientific Research

Through academic competitions and scientific research exploration (including the Talent Program, Yau Chengtong Award, iGEM Competition, Global Chinese Innovation Challenge CTB, Future Space City Design Competition, etc.), students can further invest in their areas of interest, and improve their academic literacy and innovation capabilities.

China Thinks Big

United States Academic Decathlon

FIRST Robotics Competition

International Space Settlement Design Competition

"From the moment of being curious to conducting detailed analysis and clear explanation, we are dreamers with great ideas in mind, and also hard workers with a down-to-earth attitude." 

——Zheng Lehan

There is competition, but also cooperation and mutual help; students here have different personal ideals, but they can also find their place in different teams and progress together with the team" 

——Wang Zixu 

“The most fun part of the competition is that we can communicate and cooperate with people from different countries, and each country brings its own culture and national characteristics. This is not only a platform for sharing robotics technology, but also a journey of culture integration.“ 

——Yang Haocheng 

“What impressed me most during the competition was the regional cultural differences. In a team with 48 members, we had partners from Southern China like Hong Kong, Guangdong, Nanjing and Hangzhou, and those from Northern China like Beijing and Shandong. This atmosphere of “harmony in diversity” allowed us to form a deep friendship.” 

——Li Yuanhe

Club Activities

By organizing and participating in club activities, students can explore interests, discover talents, and find partners who can grow and succeed together.

Thalia Drama Club

Step Into Charitable Club

Huan Tongge Underwater Robot Club

Fang Yuan Economics Club

"At Thalia Drama Club, we designed new and original makeup and stage sets sprinkled with flower petals, and we poured our love for the club in every little detail, which makes me gain more happiness."

——Xu Zixuan

“Try to do your little part to bring quality educational resources to more people, and on the way, you will harvest irreplaceable precious experiences and the purest and most sincere friendship.”

——Yang Xiaojing

“The club not only carries high and sophisticated technology, but is also a home that can warm everyone and give everyone a sense of belonging.”

—Deng Bo’er

“Here, contribute your own thoughts and be moved by the sparks that come from the collision of ideas.”

——Geng Bing

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