Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum International Curriculum

Self Discovery

During college application, students at BNDS will gain a clearer understanding of themselves and clarify their goals. Their uniqueness will be respected and cherished, and their shining points will be captured from multiple angles. Students can achieve unique growth here.

Dream Convoy

College Counseling Center

The College Counseling Center (CCC) at BNDS was established in March 2010. With 10 full-time Chinese and foreign counselors, CCC cooperates closely with homeroom teachers and subject teachers to provide students with all-round, multi-national, and diversified application guidance, and help students formulate personal three-year development plan and individualize improvement path. As of the class of 2021, CCC counselors have provided free application guidance to more than 2,000 students, and helped students successfully apply to world-renowned universities  in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and other countries.

Encounter Dream Schools

College Visit

Here at BNDS, students can participate in overseas college visiting activities, serve as a student volunteer at CCC, and meet face-to-face with the admissions officer of their dream school at the College Fair.

Role Models

“Morning Star” Lectures

At BNDS, students can attend the “Morning Star” lectures held by outstanding senior students and other alumni homecoming activities, learn from the alumni’s experiences, and feel the power of role models up close.


Career Quest

Parent Lecture

At BNDS, students can participate in Parent Lectures and other Career Experience activities. Through guidance of students’ parents from all walks of life, students can explore the mysteries of different industries and find their future paths.

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