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About BNDS

Beijing National Day School (BNDS) was established in 1952. It is an extraordinary public high school with global vision and it excels in developing each student’s unique potential. In 2014, BNDS was designated as the only “Flagship Public School in Beijing for Comprehensive Educational Innovation”.

BNDS is a public boarding high school with over 4600 students from grades 7-12 and an area of 38.5 acres. BNDS is devoted to cultivating social pillars and national backbones with ambitions, integrity, creativity, and discipline.


Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to build BNDS into a great and respectable school: a school with teachers and students of strong moral fiber, outstanding talents and modest quality.

Our mission is to create an education suitable for the growth of every individual, and shape “BNDS students” into an outstanding brand worthy of trust. 

Course Selection System

In order to meet the needs of students’ individual development, BNDS has fully implemented the course selection system since 2011, and gradually formed a set of curriculum system including Tiered Curriculum, Categorized Curriculum, Integrated Curriculum, and Special Education Curriculum. Every student can choose the courses that suit them well and generate a personal timetable. At the same time, a set of all-round education system is constructed with each teacher as the main body of education and each grade as the basic education unit.

Faculty Team

International Communication

BNDS attaches great importance to international understanding education. The school carries out a series of international understanding courses such as “Foreign Cultural Day”, and organizes a variety of international exchange activities. BNDS has established sister-school relationship with more than 40 high schools in the US, Canada, Germany, France and other countries and regions, and has received many delegations from international organizations and conferences. The school hosts many large-scale national and international conferences such as AP Summit, International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Education.

BNDS International Department was founded in June 2004, and introduced three major international curricula: A-Level, AP, IBDP Programmes. The International Department is devoted to cultivating social pillars and national backbones with a Chinese soul, global vision and multicultural understanding ability.

School Logo

The symbol of infinite development (∞) is formed by a square and a circle, indicating the everlasting aim to cultivate outstanding talents with ambitions, integrity, creativity, and discipline.

The two characters “十”and "一" not only reveal the school name, but also symbolize the unity of opposites, a philosophical concept reflecting the relation between positive and negative, yin and yang, more and less, and plus and minus.

The six colors in the logo—Flag Red, Autumn Yellow, Space Blue, Spring Green, Eagle Gray, and Earth Black—symbolize that BNDS adheres to the educational philosophy of teaching students according to their aptitude, fully respecting and developing students’ individual characteristics. With a variety of effective teaching methods and various talent training models, BNDS strives to help students discover themselves, awaken themselves, and ultimately become the best of themselves.

School Mascot “Long Wa”

Red represents mission, and yellow represents freedom. These two colors of the mascot are selected from China’s national flag, which also reflects the special meaning of the school name “十一” (October 1st) —— birthday of the People’s Republic of China. The mascot is the true portrayal and incarnation of BNDS students.

BNDS Location

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