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“BNDS (International Department) is a learning community encouraging the growth of both students and teachers alike. The students are a delight to teach and their curiosity and hunger for understanding ensure that I'm always on my cognitive toes!

--- Karl Irwin , Physics teacher with 11 BNDS Year

The International Department of Beijing National Day School (BNDS) is a leading international education institute in China and a diverse, respected  community with 138 teachers, 71 of whom are international teachers from 15 countries. BNDS staff and administration do a great job of blending different cultures and getting the best out of all.

The campus is located in the southwest of Beijing, a peaceful retreat just 25 minutes from the very center of the city. This stunning, dynamic environment provides 750 students from Grade 10 to Grade 12 a safe, open and beautiful place where they are empowered to reach their unique potential and thrive on a global stage.

At the International Department, we offer the students a choice among the three international programmes: A-Level, AP, and IBDP. These programs are united by shared values, a diverse campus, and an openness to the world. About 250 graduates annually, enroll in the top universities across the world, like Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, Oxford, Columbia, Cambridge, Johns Hopkins, Yale, Chicago, Princeton, Toronto, etc. The quality and curiosity of the students combined with the trust placed in teachers' professionalism makes BNDS an extremely stimulating work environment.

At BNDS, we recognise and value our teachers so that we have the excellent and stable team, of which most of teachers retain in BNDS for more than 5 years. We offer challenging positions with development prospects, various career paths and diverse opportunities to learn and grow through coherent mobility, dedicated programmes and training plans. Highly motivated teachers performing their tasks with enthusiasm achieve top performances and success at BNDS.

We ensure the remuneration of our teachers’ always remains competitive and is aligned with the personal performance and experience. A special feature of BNDS is its family-friendly and health-orientated HR policy. We focus on work-life balance. Our teachers benefit from a good balance between their personal and professional life.

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