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A-Level Sorting Ceremony

Date: November 10 , 2022 04:52:04 View ()

In the second week of the new semester, commenced the annual initiation for new Grade 10 students to participate in the A Level House Sorting Ceremony. The first A Level House programme event of the year!  The sorting ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 7th, 2022 during the 9th period. It was located in front of the AB Building.

The ceremony divided each Grade 10 A Level student into 4 different Houses by randomly selecting coloured balls from the A Level House Sorting Box! The four Houses named: Dragon, Phoenix, Qi Lin and Turtle Dragon.

At the beginning of the ceremony, all Grade 10 students were waiting excitedly in line at the hall. The Sorting Box was placed at the front of the entrance of the Aspiration Building. At the bottom of the steps, grade 11 and 12 A Level students were eagerly waiting to splash coloured powder of love to welcome their new fellow members to their respective House.

Everything was prepared brilliantly; the wonderful activities began. The first Grade 10 student picked out one coloured ball with nervousness and excitement at the same time!  Everybody paid attention to the colour of the ball. Suddenly, "Qilin house!" Mr Douglas announced it out loud. Cheers and welcome erupted from the crowd.  The student was splashed with blue powder from head to toe as soon as he walked into the channel of the Qilin house. One by one, the procession of students initiated.  After around 15 minutes, each Grade 10 student was succesfully divided and welcomed in their new House with joy and happiness.

Once the A Level Sorting Ceremony concluded, it was time to splash the coloured powder freely to express the brilliance of being an A Level student here at Beijing National Day School!  All A Level students were involved in this activity!  Students picked up the different colours of powder and began to splash it on their teachers and each other!  Everyone gradually became a: blue person, purple person, red person, green person, or even multi-coloured person!

The activity finished around 5:10 p.m. Before students left, many volunteers picked up the packets of powder which had been thrown to the ground during the activity. There was only the colours and joy remaining but without any litter and mess.  A fantastic start to the A Level House year!

By Holly 

Edited by Mr Carroll


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