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Growing up at BNDS: An Unfinished Journey

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By Liu Muyang, A-Level Programme, Class of 2022

(Admitted by Imperial College London)

The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Before I came to BNDS, I expected my high school life to be the straight line that is the most efficient. However, during my days in BNDS, I gradually realized that efficiency is not the most important thing in the process of growing up, but various wonderful or tortuous experiences; there are not only straight lines between two points, but also colorful curves. In these three years, BNDS has provided me with a platform to draw various curves freely, and in the diverse and free atmosphere, I have reacquainted myself again.

1st Semester – Attempts

Unlike most people who feel confused when they enter high school, I have chosen a seemingly clear path: take AL courses, find my interest in science subjects, focus on academic activities, and apply to UK universities.  This semester, with the relatively simple learning content of AL program and plenty of spare time, I could describe my life as "leisurely".

The AL courses and exams focused more on the learners' ability to solve test questions. Therefore, it is easier to achieve ideal results as long as you complete the homework and practice some past paper questions before the exam. At the end of the first semester, I got a lot of positive feedback on my academic studies.

I also followed the advice of seniors and started to look for a professional direction. At first I decided to focus on engineering and physics, but later turned to focus on aerospace engineering, and attended the innovative design project of aircraft in the reserve talent plan. The project envisages the completion of the innovative aircraft design proposal, the model building and test flight, and the final thesis under the guidance of the tutor.

Model Building


2nd &3rd Semester - Determining the Direction

Basically, the entire second semester of my senior year was spent online, and I used the extra free time to advance my project and prepare for the TOEFL exam. I invested a lot of time reading aviation-related textbooks which allowed me to really go into aerospace engineering and build a good foundation for writing UK personal statements at the same time. However, the inability to get access to the facilities in the lab at university also caused the project to move forward much slower than expected, and I ended up with only a preliminary design of the aircraft and a partially finished essay. Through this program, I decided to apply for mechanical engineering as my major.

During this year, my understanding of knowledge in the field of engineering was greatly improved, but until recently, I realized that I had neglected another very important part of study: the study of basic subjects, including math and physics. In hindsight, it was not really appropriate to invest so much time and effort in a cutting-edge field, like aerospace, and I should have allocated my time more wisely, balancing my ability in basic subjects with the depth of my particular field of study. If you want to build your knowledge system systematically, my advice is to make sure to use your spare time to study more recognized textbooks of basic subjects, and to expand and apply them by consulting teachers and looking them up on the Internet.

4th &5th Semester - Application Season

One of the most important influences in my application season was the change in applying to the UK and the US. Entering the application season, I learned more about UK and US universities, and I realized that UK universities were not the only option for me. The greater freedom of course selection at U.S. universities allowed me to explore more majors, rather than staying in a relatively traditional field of study in mechanical engineering. Therefore, I decided to apply to both the UK and the US.

In terms of UK university applications, attending the school's Oxbridge course will be very helpful for written exams and interviews. With a solid foundation of academic skills, the Oxbridge course was like a targeted review that helped students practice the interview and written exams with real questions.

The Oxbridge course

6th Semester - About the Future

I'm singling out this semester, which seems like the end of my high school life, because what I've learned from it has had a profound impact on me. It only took two years to go through the whole process from the time I entered high school expecting to have an unhindered school life in this overwhelming application season. I basically did not have the time to look back at my entire previous study life in a holistic view. This semester, while waiting for the admissions results, I was able to take a more subjective overview of my entire learning experience and what I see for the future. I realized that I am not (and probably will never be) a person who is always looking for challenges, but after these three years I have a clearer purpose and know how to build on my strengths and take advantage of opportunities. I see the application season and even my three years of high school as a learning process, as a stepping stone to the future. I think it is because of this that I can accept all the college admissions results with openness.


Memories at BNDS

Looking back on these experiences in BNDS, the Aspiration Building, the soccer field, the smiles of our friends, and so on. Here, we have enough resources to explore our love; here, we have enough space to grow; here, we have enough freedom to organize activities to influence the community. I will always remember the time spent on the court with teammates. The 4 leagues in 3 years, and the eternal brotherhood. I will also always remember the journey of my youth at 66 Yuquan Road.

With my friends

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