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Growing up at BNDS: The 360 Degrees of the World

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By Liu Yurou, AP Programme Class of 2022

(Admitted by Yale University)

My High School Experience

What impressed me the most in the first year of high school was choosing the Destination Imagination competition over the United States Academic Decathlon. I was more curious about an acting competition than an academics competition I was already familiar with. I felt DI has made me bolder and more vibrant. Emily Dickenson wrote “forever is composed of nows” and Thoreau advised to “suck out all the marrow of life”. Although I could not fully appreciate the weight of their words, I grasped that while planning for the long-run, I should also enjoy every memorable moment, such as walking around the halls in a Pikachu costume and rolling on the ground with laughter after an acting practice.


Mr Zhu and my teammates in mathematical modeling

My junior year was special to me because of the classes I selected. I learned so much from classes such as AP Physics C, Calculus 3, and AP Micro&Macro Economics. Initially I though these classes might be a handful, but luckily, they were not too difficult to handle. Through AP Physics C, I perfected my understanding of physical principles. At the same time, I was able to improve my mathematical skills in math-modeling competitions. I remember being worried that the three of us might not be able to finish a four-person competition in time, but with our time-management skills and determination, we were able to finish early, and spent our free time singing in the middle of the night on the fourth floor of the library.

BNDS debate club


The Fruits of Achievement

In my application season, my most valued “possession” is the support from friends at school. I was fortunate to have both friends with varied interests who were happy to discuss application essays and friends who love physics and math just as I do who could share information about different majors at different schools. In the entire process, the genuine support and faith of friends and family was what made the application season not only manageable, but enjoyable for me.

15 personal statements, 7 different ideas

My school counselor was also a major source of assistance and support. Mr.D is not only professional in the area of student applications, but also a humorous and knowledgeable person. While I panicked over unfinished essays before the application deadline of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, he guided me through the last versions of my personal statement. It was through conversations with him that I realized my most treasured “possession” is the support from other people. I have always been extremely lucky and content throughout my life, so my personal statement simply expressed the happiness and fulfillment others brought me and I brought others.

Advanced Physics

Advanced Physics is also a special part of my application season. Mr. Joe’s classes have always been my favorite because he is so talented at breaking down difficult concepts and explaining them in ways that are easily to understand. Advanced Physics is what made me feel I was learning and growing each day. It also created the most comfortable environment for me—an environment where everyone is invested in physics and eager to discuss.

Advanced Physics

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