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The opening ceremony at the beginning of each school year is a major event that students are eagerly looking forward to. The exciting atmosphere, interactive activities, and unforgettable experiences allow students to have a memorable start of school worth looking forward to. As the familiar school bell "Cuckoo Waltz" reverberates on campus, the new school year kicks off, and students embark on a new journey.

Welcome New Students

In the early morning, first-year students at the junior and senior high department, led by the mascot “Long Wa”, stepped on the red carpet and walked towards us with joy and vigor. They are new members of our BNDS family! Warm welcome!

The red carpet treatment, chorus, and salute with eyes are the exclusive courtesy for freshmen at BNDS, and it is a special and ceremonial moment that records their new journey.

Opening Show

The whole opening ceremony only lasts for 30 minutes. There is no podium, no speeches by administrators, but there must be passionate and energetic performances from versatile BNDS students!

The opening performance originated from school courses. Various art courses give students a platform to show themselves: Passionate performance of the dance troupe, the orchestra, and the band club all injected energy and strength into the new semester.

School Opening Passport

Ten years ago, the Expo passport of the 2010 Shanghai World Expo inspired BNDS to create its unique school-opening passport. At the opening ceremony, each student will receive a passport, and they can obtain souvenirs by collecting signatures during the school opening season, which is of great commemorative value. During graduation season, you would often notice 6 passports of different colors posted by the graduates on their social media.

The six cover colors of the school opening passport are based on BNDS logo. With profound connotations, each color represents a specific grade.

 “Spring Green” for Grade 7 represents the hope in spring, full of vitality, imagination and creativity. It indicates that you will become active and thoughtful people.

 “Eagle Grey” for Grade 8 represents a calm and determined character, and the restrained temperament of an elite. It symbolizes that the energy you have accumulated can burst out in an instant, soaring into the sky for thousands of miles.

“Autumn Yellow” for Grade 9 shows maturity and the joy of harvest. This lucky color brings you growth and success, symbolizing a more steady pace towards your desired goals.

“Space Blue” for Grade 10 represents a vast and boundless world, allowing your ideals to grow higher and farther.

“Earth Black” for Grade 11 represents mountain-like characters—practical, diligent, modest, and stable. Hope you can aim high, but also be down-to-earth: A journey of a thousand miles always begins with a single step.

“Flag Red” for Grade 12 is an exclusive and honorable color representing the school history. BNDS students are expected to be courageous and responsible, striving to become the pillar of the country and the backbone of the nation.

Flag Raising Ceremony

At the flag-raising ceremony, four outstanding students will be recommended as flag-bearers. They are all talented in a certain field, or have made outstanding contributions to the society in a certain area. They are role models of their schoolmates.

With the attention of the teachers and students, the five-star red flag rose slowly.

Guest of Honor

At the opening ceremony, we will invite leading figures of a certain field and outstanding alumni as honored guests to share their life stories, in order to inspire students to achieve higher goals in the new semester.

Honor students of the year

Announcing “Honor Student of the Year” is an exciting session that students are looking forward to. This is the highest honor for BNDS students.

Students from different grades who were nominated as candidates will walk down the red carpet and step onto the stage with one of their beloved teachers. And the Final decision of “Honor Student of the Year” is always revealed in a creative and surprising way, which is an exciting moment at the opening ceremony.

School Bell Ring

The opening ceremony is coming to an end, let’s listen to the wonderful school bells together!

Every year, the school bell rings in an ingenious way. The familiar “Cuckoo Waltz” symbolizes BNDS students entering a new school year and embarking on a new journey!

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