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Red Window Fair

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When the red window is open, creative ideas will gather. “Red Window Fair” is inspired by the iconic red buildings at BNDS. Wonderful stories of learning and teaching happen every day through every red window. In June, we will display and share our learning results with everyone, and even sell our products to teachers and students.

At the beginning of the event, the sales champion of last year's Red Window Fair will held an opening ceremony. The stall owners shouted at their respective booths and introduced selling points of their works. Whether it is a collection of poems written in Chinese class, self-designed comics, or creative T-shirts with subject characteristics, all works must be original. They can be derived from students’ personal interests, community activities or courses. The stall owners need to declare their products and receive a business license before joining the event.

On this day the whole school will join the event. Students’ works are commercialized, and their enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and innovative thinking are fully displayed. Even students from BNDS branch schools and kids from BNDS kindergarten will come and join the sellers.

Every stall owner is ambitious, looking forward to win the top ten sales results or even the sales champion. A good sales result is more inspiring than any other awards! For those who participate for the first time, this is a brand new experience, and most of them will reflect on their experience and be eager to participate in the next year.

Another important part of the Red Window Fair is the auction. Here, students can experience the fierce competition of the auction process as buyers. Many students’ auction items are favored by several buyers, and will finally be sold at an ideal price!

“Red Window Fair” is one of the most anticipated festivals by students. As a continuation of school courses, it productizes students’ work and brings them the joy and pleasure to share and communicate.


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