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Carnival Day

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The school carnival held on December 31st every year is a grand festival at BNDS. The purpose of the carnival is to express creativity, share happiness, and establish harmonious teacher-student relationship while welcoming the new year.

On this day, teachers and students can wear various costumes as they wish. Teachers and students in costumes can join the Rose Parade, step on the T-stage, or play games at different entertainment areas. The whole school is enjoying the wonderful carnival. This is the most favorite and most anticipated campus activity at BNDS.


For every year’s carnival, we collect themes from all students. Whether online or offline, for more than a month, one of the hot topics discussed by BNDS students is the theme of the carnival. Everyone can propose their own ideas. The Student Union and other student organizations will discuss the feasibility of each theme, and finally determine several alternative themes to be published. The final theme will be voted by the whole school. Check the carnival themes in the past 10 years!

2021 Back to Tomorrow

2020 Interstellar

2019 Fairy Tale Town

2019 Fantastic Kingdoms and Where to Find Them

2017 Toy Story

2016 Return

2015 Crazy About Movies

2014 Joyous Carnival

2013 Wild Planet – Happy Animal World

2012 Magic World Roam

2011 Creative Disneyland

Teachers and Students’ Costumes

Every year at the carnival, a student team will be formed to design a costume for the principal. Students from different grades get together with the same goal: According to the carnival theme, they need to create an image for the principal and design a costume with the help of teachers from clothing design courses.

Each grade will also choose a sub-theme based on the carnival theme. Students need to invite and persuade teachers to play corresponding roles designed by themselves. Teacher-student relationship has been deepened at the same time .

Fun Activities

Student clubs will be invited to propose and organize different activities during the carnival, such as table games, trampoline, counter-strike game, etc., and the school will provide venues and logistical support for them. Various and colorful activities allow students to fully enjoy the end of the year carnival.


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